Johannes Crispus de Montibus, Repetitio Institutionum..., 1490


Au 01.12.2017

See too: Mazarine Library staff directory


Director : Yann Sordet, general curator

Assistant director : Patrick Latour, chief curator

Secretariat : Dominique Le Duc, administrative assistant 


Staff and employment : Dominique Courvoisier, S. A. E. N. E. S.

Budget and Resources : Nadia Carfantan, administrative assistant 

Collection development and Information systems

Head of department: Xavier Borda, curator

Acquisitions: Isabelle Gensac, specialised library assistant

Collection IS engineer: Gina Mars, Maintenance and development

Bibliographic coordination and processing of current collections: Ewa Nielepiec, specialised library assistant

Laure Livet, specialised library assistant

Sophie Béthencourt, Teacher

Public and Communication

Head of department: Florine Levecque-Stankiewicz, curator

Cédrick Cao Van Phu, clerk

Maryse Charoy, clerk

Eric de Faria Conto, clerk

Sylvain Lecomte, clerk

Hervé Naveau, clerk

Chrystele Reisse, clerk 

Printed books

Head of department: Christophe Vellet, chief curator

Françoise Avel, specialised library assistant

Catherine Brice, specialised library assistant

Laure Livet, specialised library assistant 

Virginie Gonel, contract cataloguer

Matthias Grancher, contract cataloguer

Manuscripts and archives

Head of department: Patrick Latour, chief curator

Laura Lebarbey, research assistant (project Biblissima)

Perrine Mesguen, research assistant (project Biblissima)

Digital Library and Preservation

Head of department: Anne Weber, curator

Digitisation, reprography : Céline Leroux, specialised library assistant

Preservation coordination : Edith Veyrunes-Chacornac, Art restorer

Conservation workshop: 

Laurent Callias, Art restorer

Alizée Lacourtiade, Art restorer

Marie-Line Leray, Art restorer

Edith Veyrunes-Chacornac, Art restorer

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