Johannes Crispus de Montibus, Repetitio Institutionum..., 1490



See too: Mazarine Library staff directory


Director: Yann Sordet, general curator

Assistant director: Patrick Latour, chief curator

Secretariat: Dominique Le Duc, administrative assistant 


Head of department: Florence Monnatte, S. A. E. N. E. S.

Staff and employment: Florence Monnatte, S. A. E. N. E. S.

Budget and Resources: Nadia Carfantan, administrative assistant 

Secretariat: Dominique Le Duc, administrative assistant 

Collection development and Information systems

Head of department: Xavier Borda, chief curator

Acquisitions: Isabelle Gensac, assistant librarian

Collection IS engineer: Gina Mars, Maintenance and development

Bibliographic coordination and processing of current collections: Ewa Nielepiec and Anaïs Marce, assistant librarians

Public and Communication

Head of department: Florine Levecque-Stankiewicz, curator

Eric de Faria Conto, clerk

Sylvain Lecomte, clerk

Hervé Naveau, clerk

Carmen Nitescu, clerk

Chrystele Reisse, clerk 

Anne Ronfort, clerk

Printed books

Head of department: Christophe Vellet, chief curator

Catherine Brice, assistant librarian

Alissar Levy, research assistant

Manuscripts and archives

Head of department: Patrick Latour, chief curator

Lou Delaveau, research assistant (project Biblissima)

Marion Grand, assistant librarian

Digital Library and Preservation

Head of department: Anne Weber, curator

Digitisation, reprography: Stéphan Gebehenne and Céline Leroux, assistant librarians

Conservation and preservation workshop: 

Laurent Callias, Art restorer

Alizée Lacourtiade, Art restorer

Marie-Line Leray, Art restorer

Edith Veyrunes-Chacornac, Art restorer