Ephéméride, 1772

How to find stuff

Main catalogue (books, periodicals and electronic resources)

Entries for the Library's printed material (books, periodicals) and electronic resources can be consulted in the main catalogue (currently over 270,000 entries) and in collective catalogues in which it participates.

The computer catalogue is complete for:

  • all documents that have entered the collections since 1999;
  • books published after 1900;
  • books from the early collections (XVe-XVIIIe centuries)
  • periodicals;
  • some special collections: Faralicq, Ampère, etc.

The online main catalogue should be supplemented by consultation of the paper files for the 19th-century works. You can also ask a librarian to find a reference which would not appear in the online catalogue.

The online main catalogue can be searched by word (when you open the online catalogue click on Search by words then select Simple search or Advanced search) or by the indexes (click on Search by start of...).

The entries in the local catalogue and the entries in SUDOC are identical for 16th-18th-century works and works which have entered the collections since 2002. However for technical reasons related to the history of the computerisation of the Mazarine Library, some 19th-20th century works do not yet appear in SUDOC, although they are in the Mazarine catalogue.

Manuscripts Catalogue

The Mazarine Library's Archives and Manuscripts collections are now fully described and indexed in the Calames database (Online catalogue of archives and manuscripts in tertiary institutions), which permits a simultaneous search of the manuscripts collections of all the libraries under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education, or a search of the Mazarine Library alone.

All items in the four volumes of the Mazarine Library's manuscripts catalogue published by Auguste Molinier between 1885 and 1892 and in all supplements drawn up since have been entered in Calames. These entries are constantly updated (physical description, new identification, bibliographic references, etc.). New collections (Demangeon-Perpillou, Laurain-Portemer, Chatillon, Jean-Claude Nardin collections), not in the paper catalogues, and new acquisitions are also described in Calames .

Calames also gives online access to available digital facsimiles in Mazarinum.

For more information about the Mazarine Library's manuscripts collection, go to Collections - Manuscripts.

For more information about consultation, see Library Regulations.

For further details (information about catalogues, help with bibliographic research, requests for localisation), please Contact the Library.