Jeanson père, Relevé d'une cascade des jardins de Meudon, détruite en 1718

Exhibition loans

The Library regularly lends works in its collection for temporary exhibitions in France or abroad, once it has verified that the security and conservation requirements are guaranteed.

The loans are usually granted to libraries, museums; archives or cultural institutions with staff trained in handling, preserving and presenting heritage objects as well as appropriate facilities for displaying them to the public.

Requirements as regards security, insurance, physical environment, handling, freight and transportation comply with the IFLA Guidelines for Exhibition Loans (2004, and NF Z-40-010 (Conservation requirements for graphic and photographic material in the context of an exhibition, June 2002). Loans are normally granted for a maximum period of three months, unless special restrictions apply for conservation reasons.

Once the loan has been granted, an agreement is drawn up directly between the Mazarine Library and the institution responsible for the exhibition. Responsibility cannot be delegated. This agreement is based on a model drawn up by the Library. A condition report will be made when the loaned work leaves the Library and updated successively when the work is unpacked, installed in the exhibition, withdrawn from the exhibition and returned to the Library.

The loan application must enclose a presentation and synopsis of the exhibition project, a facilities report detailing the technical conditions in which the work will be displayed, a list of the requested loans, and details of the catalogue and all scientific and other publications connected with the exhibition. The application must be addressed to:

Yann Sordet
Directeur de la Bibliothèque Mazarine
23 quai de Conti
F-75270 Paris cedex 06
Tel: 00 33-1- 44 41 44 66
contact[at] bibliotheque-mazarine [dot] fr