Lustre de Madame de Pompadour (détail), vers 1750

Filming and Shooting

The Library may be used for as a location for documentary or art films or photographic projects. Applications must enclose a letter of intent from the director, a synopsis of the film, an excerpt from the scenario, and an indication of the crew and equipment to be used. It must be addressed to:

Yann Sordet
Directeur de la Bibliothèque Mazarine
23 quai de Conti
F-75270 Paris cedex 06
Tel: 00 33-1- 44 41 44 66
contact[at] bibliotheque-mazarine [dot] fr

The application will be considered with special attention to timing and the security of the premises, the collections and the staff. If the Library and the Institut de France agree to the project, a convention will be drawn up setting out the conditions for receiving the film crew and the fee for providing the location.

Please Contact the Library for further information.