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Use the form below to request reproduction, for personal or public use, of pre-1900 material: digital copy, microfilm or printout. You will be sent an e-mail with estimated cost and delivery details.

N. B. :
- The documents are as far as possible digitalized or duplicated by the staff of the Reproduction Department. For special documents or particular requests, an external service provider, selected by the Reproduction Department, is required (invoice then directly sent by the service provider).
- Direct digital photography is permitted in the reading room for personal use only; for pre-1900 material, this is subject to authorisation by the duty librarian.
- For post-1900 material, photocopies may be made in the reading room (€ 0.20 a page), if the condition of the document and current legislation so permits.
- All public use of reproductions of documents held in the Mazarine Library is subject to prior permission, payment of a specific fee and the legal deposit of the publication concerned.
- Every publication, once permission obtained and fee paid, must include the identification and source of the image : [Author], [Title], [Date], Bibliothèque Mazarine, [shelfmark] and, if applicable, permalink to the digital library Mazarinum.
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